3 Bad Ebook Design Tips – Avoid These

There are a lot of different things that you’ll want to do in order to make your ebook design stand out. However, there are also some major bad things that you can do, and things that will make your writing look like it was packaged by a little child with no experience, and that’s something to not only know, but also ignore. You can’t move forward with bad artistry when it comes to how you package what you want to write. When you look at ebook design tips, make sure you avoid a few options that might creep up on you.


The first thing that you will want to look at is font design. Do not go with a design that makes you look like you’re an amateur. There is a reason why Hollywood and major novel writers utilize 5 basic fonts. They are clean, they are professional and require you to respect them as a designer. If you absolutely must stray from the industry standards, make sure that you don’t go too far into the realm of decorate fonts. Do not use Comic Sans for instance, as that is not to be used outside of literal comic book adaptations and thought bubbles. Be careful with graffiti fonts and more, as they will make the writing look dumb.


The second thing to look at when trying to avoid bad ebook design tips is to avoid copyrighted imagery on the cover. If you’re writing a manual on how to jump higher, for instance, don’t put a picture of Michael Jordan on the cover, it is illegal. Fighting with copyright lawyers will not be a fun way to spend your money. You’ll be greatly saddened by your decision if you are not careful with what you put on your cover. Do not go with celebrity, or anything that is not royalty free or that you don’t have the rights to.


Lastly, when looking at bad ebook design tips, make sure that you don’t simply emulate another person’s book design. You’ll be tempted to just go with a random template, and guess what? So does everyone else that spends time creating this type of media. You’re not the first person to stumble upon that rare Google image that looks like a good design template for your needs. Don’t use it, make sure you spend time either designing a new one, or pay for someone to make you one for not too much money.

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