2 Reasons Writing Ebooks Can Make You Money

If you are an aspiring writer and you have been trying to make major strides forward in the literary world and haven’t been able to succeed. Then it’s important to look into the many different options that are out there in regards to writing ebooks. The ordinary world of publishing is not an easy place to navigate into and out of. The average writer sells 30,000 books and makes absolutely zero on their first novel, even if they have a good agent and a good following of readers on their message board or blog. If you have risen to the upper levels of Internet fandom and think you’re ready for the big time, and that means writing a physical book, you’ll be sorely mistaken when your first book flops miserably.


The above statement sounds harsh, but it is the reality that many young authors are facing amidst millions of people flocking away from books and starting to download content onto electronic reading devices like the nook and kindle.


There are 2 reasons, however, that you can make serious money writing ebooks, and it’s not something that is going away soon. Consider the following 2 reasons why you should invest your time into this art form, and see why it can make serious money.


New Media – The first reason you will make serious strides if you have a book that is not physical is that it’s part of the new media craze. Unlike other trends, this latest electronic reading phase is not something that is going away. Millions of people are switching their physical libraries for digital ones at an alarming rate, and large corporations are banking their whole profit structure around them. It’s not just the fruit shaped company either, it’s many others, and they are all offering consumers what they want, lightweight reading devices.


Ease of Publishing – The second reason why you will earn good money is the ease of publishing. Before, you would have a large company printing hundreds of thousands of books, hoping that they will get bought and read by the general public, and if they didn’t, the publisher would lose money. This has changed because now you can publish everything on your own, and get full royalties when someone downloads it. There’s no middleman here, it’s just your words, and your readers.


There you have it, 2 major reasons why writing ebooks is here to stay and it will make would be authors money with relative simplicity.