Social Networking – 3 Things To Remember

It started with a small trickle and it became a monsoon in no time. The latest trend online is not so much a trend as it is an interesting social experiment that is not going to be going anywhere anytime soon. The social networking world is exploding and people are not only working towards making new friends, they are also becoming fans by creating facebook fan pages to connect with others no matter how the world might change. Even with competitors that have come and gone, there are still two main social media websites, and promoting your writing with them is something that is vastly important. If you’re considering moving forward with social media of any type, make sure that you remember the following 3 things.


Spam – The first thing to remember is that contacting people that you don’t know, is considered spam. You might get away with the notion at first, getting people added onto your friend’s list with relative ease, but there will be a point when you’ll get reported. If you get pegged as a spam artist, your page will be revoked and you’ll have a hard time to returning to the site and getting people interested in your business and writing.

Pay Attention – The second thing that you need to consider is that you have to pay attention to others. The way social networking works is easy, you pay attention to others and they in turn pay attention to you. You have to make sure that you post comments, messages, photos and more to other people’s pages. By investing time into their pages, you’ll in turn get people interested in you. Without this, you’ll miss the whole point.


Post Daily – The third thing to consider is how often you update. You absolutely have to update often. If you don’t update your page often, you’ll end up getting stale and no one will get interested in anything you’re doing. Dormant pages do not get anyone’s attention. If you want to build solid relationships between you and potential clients, you’ll have to post daily. Look interested in the method, and it will be easier to garner interest.


If you’re creating a facebook fan page, just posting personal ideas and information, you’ll be glad that social media is here to stay. The amount of time spent on websites of this nature is around 6 hours and more. Some people even stay on the site 20 plus hours, making these sites a great place for your writing.

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