Writing EBooks – 3 Things To Never Forget

Have you ever looked into the book world? Ever wanted to write a book? Well, if you read what you have to do to make serious money with literary world, you will note that you have to sell nearly 100,000 books to start getting paid for your work, and you might not even make money until you put out two or three books, and even then you might not see a profit. If you doubt the statistics, do a search online for royalties based on selling a New York Time’s Bestseller, and you’ll realize how difficult it can be to break through as a literary artist. But if you change the medium, you force yourself to look into writing eBooks instead of other options, and then you’re going to find there is hope for riches in the world of online writing.


When you’re starting to formulate your ideas for what you’re going to write about, consider the following 3 things:


Shorten Your Words – The first thing you’re going to have to do is make sure that you shorten then amount of pages you want to write. If you are planning on writing the next great American novel, then you’re going to have to learn how to cut it in half at least. Don’t write 500 pages, write 100 pages of quality content, then add graphics, statistics, and more, to make the visual learners come back to read your content.


Subject Matter – The subject matter that should be chosen when you’re looking at writing eBooks should be condensed into one major idea. Do not try to be the “Wal-Mart” of writing, you have to make sure your niche hyper selective and exclusive. If you try too encompass too many subjects, you’ll end up losing the reader, and missing out on financial prosperity.


Affiliate Links – In the interior of your work, look for opportunities to link out to affiliate program links that you will use to make money. Do not just link to obvious candidates, make it relevant to the content, and watch your income rise exponentially. Remember, this is an important piece to the financial prosperity that you can achieve, be wise and courteous about your link choices and don’t shower them everywhere.


Writing eBooks is far better financially responsible than trying to make it as a professional writer in the traditional sense. If you’re not keen on that, you can find plenty of people that will ghost write an eBook, and help you with MLM and many other things.