Writing A Newsletter – 3 Tips For Getting Attention

There are a lot of different ways to gather attention from folks that are reading your pages. Sure, you can get a website going and start a blog, hoping that people stick around and end up giving you information and in some cases money, for products and services. But when you’re trying to venture into the eBook market, you need to look into servicing a download, writing the book, marketing it, but also writing a newsletter follow up for readers that might not be certain how to implement certain information. This is especially true when looking to create tutorial based options. If you’re not necessarily writing for the educational market, then consider newsletters for the greater good of promoting any follow up information that you might be able to pass along to readers Consider the following 3 tips for getting attention when writing this type of option in conjunction with your book.


Addendums – If you have more to add to your book, consider looking at writing it in newsletter format. If you have several chapters that you either edited out, or have omitted from the release of your original script, then you can divide it up and send it to those that purchased the full option. You can also add different tips, tricks, and information as you wish, hoping to get attention for opportunities that might arise in the near future.


Limited Time Offers – If you’ve written an eBook and had a successful first run of sales, it’s important that you offer something more to readers of your newsletter. For instance, if you catch wind of an affiliate marketing opportunity, and want to promote it, look to add it to your email blast, but do not make it so obvious that you’re an affiliate. This takes some writing, but it can be done.


Limit Your Emails – The last thing to remember is to make sure that you are NOT spamming people. You need to make sure that you’re not sending so many emails that it’s getting tiresome for you and your readers. You don’t want to send an email a week, or many a month, just send the essential and make it sparse.


The above 3 tips will help you move forward with writing newsletter content for those that have spent time and money procuring your initial eBook. If you’re planning on writing a second one, an email list of previous buyers can help you with the success of the second book.

3 Elements To An EBook Sales Page

When it comes time to write your sales page to get people interested in purchasing your eBook, there are a few things that you need to look into. First and foremost, it’s crucial to remember that the electronically delivered information is not going anywhere. You’ll find many different trends on the Internet that have come and gone the way of the Buffalo, but when it comes to writing, it seems to be only growing in numbers. With so many electronic reading devices, it’s no wonder authors are more often moving towards the newer publishing options than relying on the past to get them moving forward with relative ease. If you’re looking to make a go at creating a good eBook sales page, consider the following 3 elements that always turn out well.


Headline – The first thing that a reader should see is the headline. Make sure that the headline is impactful, and it is not something that is going to be passed by without reading. Making sure that the headline is in big, bold letters, which cover a good portion of the header. Making sure that’s the first thing that people see is crucial. If your headline doesn’t hook a person, you won’t get anywhere in terms of sales.


Body Content – The middle of the page needs to be well written. You need to throw in reasons why people would want to purchase the book, and not just marketing speech. Sure, it’s important to add a marketing flare to the page, but you don’t want it to be so heavy with marketing that you end up losing out on something major. Make sure that the body has the rudimentary points of interest with your writing.


Reviews – There is a need for proper reviews to be filled below the body content, before adding more content. Get real world reviews of your project and get quotable ideas that are one-liners. Remember, you’re looking to get people interested, and they want honest reviews, which is why it’s important to add reviews to the sales page.


The above are just 3 things to remember when you’re working on adding an eBook sales page to any website. Whether the sales page is the only thin on a website, or it is part of something larger, you’ll want to make sure you’re moving forward with this relatively simple plan of action. Miss out on the above, and you’ll definitely lose sales instead of increase them.

2 Reasons Writing Ebooks Can Make You Money

If you are an aspiring writer and you have been trying to make major strides forward in the literary world and haven’t been able to succeed. Then it’s important to look into the many different options that are out there in regards to writing ebooks. The ordinary world of publishing is not an easy place to navigate into and out of. The average writer sells 30,000 books and makes absolutely zero on their first novel, even if they have a good agent and a good following of readers on their message board or blog. If you have risen to the upper levels of Internet fandom and think you’re ready for the big time, and that means writing a physical book, you’ll be sorely mistaken when your first book flops miserably.


The above statement sounds harsh, but it is the reality that many young authors are facing amidst millions of people flocking away from books and starting to download content onto electronic reading devices like the nook and kindle.


There are 2 reasons, however, that you can make serious money writing ebooks, and it’s not something that is going away soon. Consider the following 2 reasons why you should invest your time into this art form, and see why it can make serious money.


New Media – The first reason you will make serious strides if you have a book that is not physical is that it’s part of the new media craze. Unlike other trends, this latest electronic reading phase is not something that is going away. Millions of people are switching their physical libraries for digital ones at an alarming rate, and large corporations are banking their whole profit structure around them. It’s not just the fruit shaped company either, it’s many others, and they are all offering consumers what they want, lightweight reading devices.


Ease of Publishing – The second reason why you will earn good money is the ease of publishing. Before, you would have a large company printing hundreds of thousands of books, hoping that they will get bought and read by the general public, and if they didn’t, the publisher would lose money. This has changed because now you can publish everything on your own, and get full royalties when someone downloads it. There’s no middleman here, it’s just your words, and your readers.


There you have it, 2 major reasons why writing ebooks is here to stay and it will make would be authors money with relative simplicity.

Becoming A Better Web Writer – 3 Tips To Consider

There are a lot of different people today looking for opportunities to make extra money, and it’s not always an easy road. It’s important to understand how to improve your different options to becoming a better web writer. It’s hard to become a great writer overnight, which is why many people either give up, or realize that they have to put in some serious work to improve. It’s not just those that are writing novels that are working on writing on a daily basis, as there are a variety of people that are working in the trenches online, creating content for the better good of websites small and large.


Consider the following 3 tips to becoming a far better scribe:


Write Daily – If you’re serious about becoming a better web writer, you have to write more often. You simply have to do it on a daily basis and in some cases multiple times a day. If you can make at least one general post and one article about a specific keyword, you’re going to find absolute greatness following you around. Do not get caught up with minutia, simply write daily.


Read More – If you’re not much of a reader, you can’t really build a vocabulary. Building vocabulary for your writing can be as easy as reading more often. Don’t just read books, read newspapers, online articles, blog posts, and anything that really interests you. Without reading more, you can’t really refresh the memory and mind to produce better content.


Watch Television – The third tip is really for those that hit a writer’s block from time to time. If you’re struggling to create content on any given day or night, you should just sit back and watch something that doesn’t require a lot of thought. The reason for this is that the mind will see something relatively inspiring and it will generate all new ideas.


Becoming a good writer is not something that requires school, and it doesn’t require a whole lot of money. To get good at the scribing words, you simply have to do it often and post it up free on your website, article farms, and wherever you can place the words at. Becoming a better web writer is not going to happen over night, so make sure you are sober minded about the results. If you put in some serious time to get good, you will be great, but it takes time.

Writing EBooks – 3 Things To Never Forget

Have you ever looked into the book world? Ever wanted to write a book? Well, if you read what you have to do to make serious money with literary world, you will note that you have to sell nearly 100,000 books to start getting paid for your work, and you might not even make money until you put out two or three books, and even then you might not see a profit. If you doubt the statistics, do a search online for royalties based on selling a New York Time’s Bestseller, and you’ll realize how difficult it can be to break through as a literary artist. But if you change the medium, you force yourself to look into writing eBooks instead of other options, and then you’re going to find there is hope for riches in the world of online writing.


When you’re starting to formulate your ideas for what you’re going to write about, consider the following 3 things:


Shorten Your Words – The first thing you’re going to have to do is make sure that you shorten then amount of pages you want to write. If you are planning on writing the next great American novel, then you’re going to have to learn how to cut it in half at least. Don’t write 500 pages, write 100 pages of quality content, then add graphics, statistics, and more, to make the visual learners come back to read your content.


Subject Matter – The subject matter that should be chosen when you’re looking at writing eBooks should be condensed into one major idea. Do not try to be the “Wal-Mart” of writing, you have to make sure your niche hyper selective and exclusive. If you try too encompass too many subjects, you’ll end up losing the reader, and missing out on financial prosperity.


Affiliate Links – In the interior of your work, look for opportunities to link out to affiliate program links that you will use to make money. Do not just link to obvious candidates, make it relevant to the content, and watch your income rise exponentially. Remember, this is an important piece to the financial prosperity that you can achieve, be wise and courteous about your link choices and don’t shower them everywhere.


Writing eBooks is far better financially responsible than trying to make it as a professional writer in the traditional sense. If you’re not keen on that, you can find plenty of people that will ghost write an eBook, and help you with MLM and many other things.

Internet Article Writing – 3 Tips To Adhere To

When it comes to Internet article writing, many people assume it’s an easy task, which you can just do in a few minutes, and put online. While many options do reflect those trends, many of the top websites gaining steam in the world of marketing are not just fly by night operations. The best of the best spend time and effort to make sure that they are continually pushing ahead of the curve, writing daily, and making sure they are not falling behind on their workload. When consider your options, make sure that you look at the following 3 tips before you upload anything.


1. Double Up – If your writing schedule today is just to write one article and call it quits; make sure that you double up. Write 2 instead, and make sure you post one in the morning and one at night. This process will be painstaking at first, but in time, you will have double the content, and that’s the key with gaining a foothold in marketing of this nature.


2. Never Stop – If there are 7 days a week, adhering to the first tip will mean that you’re writing 14 posts a week. Multiply that by 10 (10 weeks just for example’s sake) and you will have 140 articles. If you strategically place them online, you could essentially have 140 backlinks to your main page in a matter of weeks. That means you’ll garner a lot of attention swiftly, and without worry.


3. Repeat Topics – If you run out of topics, don’t be afraid to repeat issues, tips, and concerns. You will find that at times you will run into a block or a wall of writing. You will need to spend a little time writing on subjects you may have already touched on, and if that’s the case, make sure that you look into a fresh perspective on the same keywords. Revisiting things and repeating topics will only strengthen the keywords that you are using in regards to Internet article writing.

Anyone can start the process of marketing via articles. Article writing is not difficult to start; it’s the mastery of the subject matter that takes a lot of time. If you’re looking at scaling the walls of the online world, you’re going to have to invest a little more time than the next guy, and that might mean adhering to the above 3 tips. Without them, you might fall behind like many others.

Online Article Writers – 3 Ways To Be Better

The Internet has created a whole new realm of locations where you can get your work published. No longer do you have to slave away on a manuscript and get a literary agent to get your work into the hands of consumers, you can start today by posting a blog and moving forward. The best thing about these modern times is that instant gratification has allowed many to make serious money without having to go into their 9 to 5 world, and instead, just post up random articles and information via different sites. If you’re one of those online article writers that is looking to step away from the doldrums of cubicle land, consider the following 3 ways that you can be a better writer, today.

Write Daily – This tip is never going to go away. If you are hoping that you can get by with just a minimal amount of work, forget it. You’re going to need to come up with something more than that. You should definitely look into the high quality options that are available to you today, in the form of technology, and just start being a professional scribe. You don’t need a pad and pen; you just need notepad and a few sentences to get the ball rolling each morning. If you can’t come up with something right away, then start a log and then compile it all day until you have a full post for later.

Emulation – Read the best blogs out there and emulate the author’s writing style. Online article writers are a dime a dozen, and emulating their work is not hard at all. It requires a certain talent, but that can be utilized if you’re savvy. Remember, emulation is not plagiarizing, it’s building upon a certain element of style. Use that until you can get your own style and move forward with that.

Read, Read, Read – If you want to be a great writer, start reading. This is very true for anyone that loves or even hates the written word in a certain way. If you want to be on top of the heap, you have to start reading what others are writing. You can’t follow through with step 2 without putting real words in front of your eyes.

Online article writers can surely make a lot of money, it is a matter of being dedicated to the craft, and the above steps can only support the notion of leaving the 9 to 5 world.

Business Article Writing – 3 Things To Avoid

When you’re running a business, you always have to look for marketing opportunities that will garner you more attention. In these modern days, the best way to get attention from targeted traffic, you have to fall in line with the recent trends in promotional considerations. Some of the most prominent options that are being introduced in these times relates to business article writing. Businesses are writing tutorials, promotional speeches, and offering a great deal of content for article farms, blogs, and websites. They are introducing a new world of web user to information that they would normally have to hunt down in a variety of places to get right.

When you’re considering creating t his kind of content, it’s imperative to look at a few key points to avoid, because there are certain tangible qualities that people often jump into without concern. The following are 3 things that will ruin your campaigns.

1. Repetition – Do not repeat yourself and throw keywords around. This will make your company look like they are desperate and are obviously trying too hard. If you make this mistake, you will get punished by search engines and you’ll miss the point of search engine optimization, back link updates, and more. Do not repeat yourself too often, and make sure you’re providing real content.

2.Too Much Content – When you’re looking at business article writing, do not write novels. Writing 500 – 1000 words is the maximum quantity of words that you should use in your postings. Never go over that number, and keeping it to around 500 words will be beneficial in the long run.

3. Not Enough Content – Just like point #2 is bad, there is a great number of businesses that put too little information in their articles. You want to make sure that you’re writing no less than 400 words at a time. That means that you have to come up with more than just basic sentence structure, and actually do some thinking to magnify your goal of promotion.

There are a lot of ways that you can write information for any business, but if you’re going to compete with others, you have to articulate it in a manner that is conducive with the everyday cycles that are seen on the web. When in doubt, make sure that you keep your eyes on the prize, write daily, and put your best foot forward often.

Hiring An Ebook Writer – 3 Crucial Lessons

If you are like the millions of affiliate marketing professionals that are trying to make a living with content creation, links to different posts, and a great deal of different opportunities that arise on the internet, you’ll be happy to know that one of the best ways to create a long lasting impression is to hire an Ebook writer. By publishing information in this format, you can get your tips and tricks into the hands of those that are willing to pay a nominal fee or at least exchange their email and personal information for the privilege of downloading the writing. With personal information you can build an email list and promote offers and other ideas to people that are the perfect candidates for your future publishing endeavors. Before you move ahead with getting any professional to either ghost write your content or help you with the organization that you have, consider the following lessons learned, and don’t make the same mistakes.


Scams – There are a lot of scams running on the Internet. The best way to avoid these is to look for examples of previous work. If the work seems fishy or it just doesn’t look professional in any way, you’re most likely dealing with a two-bit operation. Don’t allow yourself to pay good money on a service that doesn’t have a good quality amount of positive reviews, good information and reputation. You’ll be sorely disappointed with the results that you will get if you don’t carefully look into the past of any given service provider.


Price – The price of having someone author your content or at least create portions of your next project, should not be too high. Remember, you’re not hiring an eBook writer to make you the next Stephen King or something along those lines. You’re hiring someone because you’re going to leverage the information created into your overall marketing plans. Don’t be fooled into paying too much, and be wary of promises that are too good to be true.

Turn Around – Look carefully at the turn around rates. There are a lot of companies that are spending a lot of time and effort promising to deliver good writing in a short amount of time, and when you call them on it, they end up giving you the run around. To avoid this, make sure that the person you’re using to create content for you is easily contacted with email or phone.


The last thing that you’ll want to remember is to never pay full price to an eBook writer up front. Make sure that you never give someone all the payment for something up front, unless you absolutely trust them. If you trust them, then it’s a different story. Also, look for a refund option in case you get bad writing or content, and make sure you’re reading the fine print always. EBooks are the wave of the future, and many are produced daily, don’t be left behind.

Writing Ebook – 3 Tips To Assist You

There are many ways to publish writing; one of the easier ways to get a compilation of writing published is to do it yourself. The idea of self-publishing can be a daunting one for some people, but it’s a crucial way to move forward with the latest and greatest of internet options, when it comes to scribes. If you’ve spent a lot of time writing in the past, and are looking at the idea of writing ebook, you should look into the following tips:






Topics – Select a topic that you know a lot about. This needs to be done with care. Make sure that you spend some serious time thinking about what makes you tick, what is your most passionate subject, and seriously think about everything and anything that is a part of you. Only the mind can hold the secrets that you’ve utilized to get to where you are.


Content – Formatting is an important thing to consider. For all intents and purposes, format your book just like you would a regular book. Take the information that you have and organize it into 10 topics (just for example). Write several pages on each topic, and include tutorials, lists, and other methodology to clean your thoughts.


Completion – You know that you’re done when you’ve written on ten topics, at least 10 pages each or within reason, and you’ll be done. Take that notion of completion and read the writing ebook you just created. Make sure that you love what you’ve written, but in a way that comes from the “reader” inside you, not the writer. Read it out loud, painstakingly comb over it with a fine toothcomb and make sure that you enjoy it on a visceral level.


If you are working on a writing ebook, make sure that you’re not hasty. Take your time, but at the same instance, don’t rush it too much. Take your time to write things out clearly on all the topics you want, and to ensure quality, take your time to read and reread the subject matter. Once you have the initial book written, you can move forward to a stage where you can promote it, package it, and get some people to pay for it. Making money with writing is not that hard in these modern times, you can make some serious strides by simply putting together a book of your best information and tips on a variety of topics you have embedded in your brain.